Hotel with Wellness in Ischgl

Sauna, Steam bath, Infrared cabin & Heath beds in Silent rooms provide pure Relaxation

Enjoy your stay in our wellness area after an eventful day in the mountains. With essential oils and light therapy you get pure relaxation here, the spa shower provides a soothing cool down. We take care of your wellbeing with small refreshments. We provide a special treatment in the hotel within our wellness area in Ischgl: If the weather does not playing along, we can arrangement wellness activities to sweeten your day. Contact us anytime about our possibilities to bring a Masseur to the hotel.


Infrared cabin – Deepheath on 1377 meters

The special warmth of the infrared cabin is especially pleasant. Gentle temperatures will warm you from the inside and make you sweat slower resulting in a more relaxed muscles. Different colored lights additionally affects our well-being.


Steam bath - Fog warning in Ischgl

If you are not hot enough, you can sweat more in the steam bath. Essential oils complete the experience - the respiratory tract becomes freer and the skin also feels more smooth. Dive into your holiday and let your mind wander.


Sauna - Hot Relaxation

Sauna makes you happy. The high temperatures make the stress hormone cortisol slow down. But do not measure yourself against other guests - but listen to your own rhythm. Even within shorter cycles your skin will glow and your muscles will relax and get stimulated based on increased circulation.



After sweating, cool down to normal temperature in the wellness shower. With plenty of cold water for cooling to get your circulation going.
We also take care of your wellbeing with small refreshments.

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